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(Permalink) Posted: July 01 2006,09:21   

Defending the Teaching of Evolution in the Public Schools
National Center for Science Education - Oakland,CA,USA
.. of life"), HB 2526 (authorizing school districts to teach "intelligent
design"), SB 1959 ... including, but not limited to, the theory of evolution"
with regard to ...
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Jack the Ripper Jr. proves a crafty and vicious killer
San Francisco Chronicle - CA, USA
.. It also allows Rollins to delve into a few interesting ideas, such
as the nature of evolution, intelligent design and the strange field of
quantum mechanics. ...

How do evangelical Christians relate to American culture?
Austin American-Statesman (subscription) - Austin,TX,USA
.. they defending evolution? No, they were defending a teacher's right
to free speech, just as they would defend a teacher who mentions God or
intelligent design. ...

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