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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 08 2006,00:44   

Debating the concept of intelligent design
Quad City Times - Davenport,IA,USA
Intelligent design is not creationism, says the Rev. Scott Boerckel
of Wildwood Church, East Moline. ... Evolution is a fact. ...

High-density housing leads to traffic woes
Contra Costa Times - CA,USA
.. 12 commentary that intelligent design "does not belong in any science
curriculum in ... teach additional material in science class that dispute
evolution, and no ...

Intelligent standards or religious design?
Detroit Free Press - United States
.. The scientific evidence for evolution does not, in fact, conflict in
any ... past to introduce "creationism" and, more recently, "intelligent
design" into science ...
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Evolution debate: What would change?
Charlotte Observer - Charlotte,NC,USA
.. the issue a "Trojan horse" from the Discovery Institute, a research
group that promotes intelligent design, the position that gaps in evolution
theory are ...

Field's leader says Bible isn't science
Chicago Sun-Times - United States
.. design proponents have seen legal setbacks in Pennsylvania and Ohio,
President Bush has supported teaching both intelligent design and evolution
in schools. ...
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Give streets back to the common folk
Contra Costa Times - CA,USA
.. Yes! The second is intelligent design, where writers like Dean Gossett
(Times March 2) identify those of us who believe in the validity of evolution
as "non ...

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