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Jason Spaceman

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(Permalink) Posted: May 19 2006,10:59   

Last updated May 19 2006 04:26 PM EDT
CBC News

Teachers in some northern Quebec communities say they are being told not to talk about the theory of human evolution because it offends some Inuit people.

Alexandre April, a teacher in Salluit, Que., said his school principal had told teachers not to discuss the issue.

However, when students asked questions, April said Thursday he answered them as a teacher and biologist, telling them about Darwin's theory.

April said that's when he got the complaint.

"A mother called, and she said that I'd told her daughter that she was a monkey. It's not the way I presented it. Not at all. So I've been told not to do it again," April said.

April said he believes his students in the tiny Inuit community on Hudson Strait have the right to learn about evolution, just like all other Canadian students.

"We are able to talk about evolution of animals, but nothing about the origin of man," April said, adding the school threatened him with disciplinary action.

'They don't want to hear this kind of stuff'

The Kativik school board says it's just being sensitive to local beliefs.

"There are some beliefs where they don't want to hear this kind of stuff. You know, it's kind of like any other religion. They have their beliefs, and we have to respect that," said Gaston Pelletier of the Kativik school board.

Read it here.


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(Permalink) Posted: May 19 2006,15:37   

Creationism Canadian style.  I knew we'd find our own breed someday, eh?  Ironically, it's our left-wing body politic (for you Americans, that's so far left it makes Hilary Clinton look like Ann Coulter) that I see supporting this.  Ugh.  Gimme some more beer and hockey, 'cause this ain't gonna be pretty.

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