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Jason Spaceman

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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 18 2005,00:56   

From today's York Daily Record, Judge's ruling in Dover case nears:

Judge John E. Jones III's response to six weeks of testimony, encompassing everything from the Big Bang theory and the bacterial flagellum to the Cambrian Explosion, is expected early this week. Plaintiffs' lawyers and scientists say the ruling will likely be Tuesday.

The Panda's Thumb also gets a mention:

The outcome of the case is also being watched closely by the science community., an online discussion group of scientists monitoring the evolutionary debate, had followed the trial closely under the heading "Waterloo in Dover."

Last week, a flurry of giddy posts speculated on the trial's outcome. The debate wasn't about whether Jones would rule in favor of Dover, but whether, as Buell fears, he will rule against intelligent design.

As one person wrote Thursday, "It's an early Christmas gift for us. All that remains to be seen is, will it be a little puppy or a big pony?"

Jason Spaceman

Posts: 163
Joined: Nov. 2005

(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 18 2005,01:04   

Also, the NY Times has a profile on Judge Jones, Evolution Trial in Hands of Willing Judge, which contains this tidbit:

Legal experts said the big question was whether Judge Jones would rule narrowly or more broadly on the merits of teaching intelligent design as science. Proponents of the theory argue that living organisms are so complex that the best explanation is that a higher intelligence designed them.

One of his clerks hinted last week that the decision was long.

Make of that what you will.


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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 18 2005,03:17   

WOOOOHOOOOO! I hope it being long means it's a bigass pony.

All I want for christmas is a pony.

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