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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 13 2006,11:38   

CREATIONISM lives: well, would you Adam and Eve it
Times Online - UK
.. have been moving heaven and earth, as it were, to have Darwin's 150-year-old
theory "balanced" in schools either by the teaching of creationism (a
belief ...

INHERIT THE WIND: Does it speak to the next generation?
San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA
.. blew onto Broadway in 1955, it had already been 30 years since the
Scopes Monkey Trial, the legendary courtroom battle where science and
creationism faced off. ...

DEMBSKI & FSU prof assess Intelligent Design, evolution
BP News - Nashville,TN,USA
.. He cited archaeology and forensics as special sciences that already
operate under this definition. ID is not just creationism in disguise,
Dembski maintained. ...
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TEACHERS often caught up in tug of war over handling of evolution ...
Toledo Blade - Toledo,OH,USA
.. "I do teach evolution. With creationism, we bring it up more to say
that it's not a science. It's more a belief, and that's not what a science
class is about.".

PANEL votes to reject evolution teaching standards
WIS - Columbia,SC,USA
.. curriculum. They call it an effort by evolution critics to introduce
creationism and intelligent design in the classroom. State ...
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