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Sheikh Mahandi

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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 13 2006,06:06   

Evolution Sunday

Evolution Sunday is the height of hypocrisy, Why do Darwinists think it is not okay for people to criticize Darwin on religious grounds, but it is just fine to defend him on religious grounds?

Wake up Bruce - it is not Darwinists defending Darwin on religious grounds - it is mainstream churches criticising you and your supporters as being a
strident, vocal, minority

Bruce again -
Our view is not that pastors should speak out against evolution, but that the Darwinists are hypocrites for claiming--falsely--that opposition to Darwinism is merely faith based, and then turning around and trying to make the case that Darwinism itself is faith based

It is pastors, ministers, vicars, priests, yada, yada - who not only are not speaking out against evolution, but are showing that your argument IS a purely faith based false dichotomy raised on behalf of a bunch of extremists.

Wake up and smell the coffee Bruce, not only do you and the DI continue to be found out by reputable scientists, now the real mainstream of Christianity is turning on you and yours for giving them a bad rep.

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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 13 2006,06:20   

"height of hypocrisy" indeed! From Bruce Chapman, of all people.

Look into Chapman's CV. Do you think he's seriously interested in Science? Do you think he's seriously interested in the "religious" (i.e. loving thy neighbor, helping the poor, judge not lest ye be, etc..) aspects of religion?

The guy's a right-wing politician. The fact that he heads up the Disco Inst, and by extension the whole "ID movement" tells you all you need to know about their real agenda.

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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 13 2006,07:24   

How can they deal with Evolution Sunday? Wouldn't they have to try to loudly claim that evolution is incompatible with christianity? How will that play in court later?

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