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I have to thank O'Leary on this one. Although she dismisses it:


Was Hitler a Darwinian?

From the world of profs.

Sorry but if you even have to ask, don’t you already know?

What do you think a Master Race even is?

Journalism!!! In three sentences... Wasn't she railing against people reviewing (in great detail) books they hadn't (according to her)read?  


Witty and engaging on the surface, Richards’s authoritative dismissal of the hypothesis that the roots of Nazi thinking are to be found in the fertile soil of the Origin of Species proves that the volume is held together by a deep moral seriousness and the conviction that the past really matters to the present.”

It becomes clear, even before we get to the title essay, that Darwin was an unlikely fountainhead for Nazi ideology, and, for that matter, a poor figurehead for other -isms sometimes connected to him, from social Darwinism, to neo-Darwinism, to atheism and materialism.

Sounds like a great read, and onto the Kindle it goes.

Not that I have a ton of free time, but I'd love to hear what the community thinks are some good reads?

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I have "Was Hitler a Darwinian?" pre-ordered. You can get 90% of the argument from: The PDF of an essay of the same title:

"Myth: That Darwin and Haeckel were Complicit in Nazi Biology," in Galileo Goes to Jail and Other Myths about Science and Religion, ed.Ronald L. Numbers (Cambridge:  Harvard University Press, 2009).

PS: There alread is a "Book Club" thread. Look back to last July.

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Quote (Dr.GH @ Oct. 16 2013,11:05)
PS: There alread is a "Book Club" thread. Look back to last July.

Yep. Book Club thread is here

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