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Jason Spaceman

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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 15 2007,15:10   

In particular he is upset with PvM's Politics on your mind? post from a few days ago.

Conservative and Liberal Brains; A Left-Wing Fantasy Couched as Science

I`ve started at least three posts which have ended languishing in my document files; I simply haven`t had the time to produce anything of any quality.  I beg everyone`s humble pardon for the rather lame nature of Birdblog lately!  But that is not what I am writing about today; one of the pieces was about the pomposity of Liberals, and I wanted a quick example of their character, so I visited my absolutely favorite website-the Panda`s Thumb.  For those who do not know, The Panda`s Thumb is a propoganda sight for Darwinism, and the members post talking points and express their collective contempt for Christians and Conservatives, and then marshall forth to do battle with the Godly. It is, essentially, an atheist war room, and as such is usually a terrific place to find Leftist arrogance and bombast on a monumental scale. (Frankly, I rarely visit there; I don`t like being aggravated.)

They did not disappoint; take a look at this!

Now, I realize that this was an exercise in reasonably good-natured fun by the liberal who wrote the post, and I`ll be the first to admit that I have indulged in that sort of thing myself on occasion so I`m not condemning the writer, but the articles he cites are illustrative of the monstrous arrogance which is at the core of the Left.

Read it here.

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