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Bob Sather

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An Alternative to Intelligent Design

As noted by Judge Jones in the Kitzmiller case, Intelligent Design proponents set up a “false dichotomy” between evolution and ID:  any putative flaw in evolutionary theory is taken to be evidence for ID.  Their dichotomy is persuasive because there is no obvious third alternative.

I want to propose an alternative to both ID and evolution.  My theory is called Progenitor Time Travel.  This theory (“PTT”) proposes that there are eddies in the space-time continuum that occasionally throw individual creatures back in time.  So, for example, the rotary flagellum on bacteria is easily explained:  at some time, an existing bacterium (with such a flagellum) was cast backward in time, to a time just before such bacteria existed.  It reproduced, and became the progenitor of all such bacteria, including its own future self.

For more complex organisms, such as pandas, the time-travelling individual must be a pregnant female.

Don’t dismiss PTT as ridiculous.  It has a lot going for it.  For one thing, it is more believable than ID.  Consider:  
• ID posits a super-intelligent, possibly omnipotent Creator, similar to the Christian God.  Such a creator is almost certainly trans-temporal, i.e. capable of time-travel.  So believing in ID requires one to believe in the possibility of time-travel, and a lot more besides.  PTT is easier: it requires you to believe just in time-travel, and not the rest of the ID baggage.
• As Judge Jones points out, people familiar with our culture’s long traditions about a divine God find it far easier to believe ID.  Similarly, our culture has a long literary canon describing time travel, from H G Wells to Audrey Niffenegger.  This makes time travel comprehensible, the first step to belief.
• Modern physics describes time as a dimension, like a spatial dimension.  Time is flexible and complex.   Physics even includes anti-particles which move backward in time.  Why shouldn’t inadvertent time travel be a possibility?

So PTT is a believable theory, an alternative to ID, and no less verifiable (that is, not at all.)  I haven’t succeeded in observing any examples of PTT occurring yet, but I have an active research program: I read books and articles about ID, then I adopt all the “evidence” for ID as evidence for PTT as well.  Every time I hear of a gap in evolutionary theory, or someone supports the Theory of Irreducible Complexity, I take that to be an affirmation of Progenitor Time Travel, as the only possible explanation!  (Well, one of two explanations...)

Bob Sather


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My theory is that Leonard Vincent was sent back from the 20th century and became Leonard da Vinci   :D

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Henry J

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Temporal mechanicalism?

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