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We all know Dembski's Explanatory Filter is not just bad, it's stupid. But what would it be like, if we lived in a world in which the EF was correct? Here's a scene from such a world. Contribute your own, if you think of any.

lawyer: So, you allege that the tree fell on your car through a purely naturalistic, regular process, isn't that right?
defendant: sure is.
lawyer: But the truth is You designed that, didn't you! You wanted the insurance money!
defendant: of course I didn't! and you don't have any evidence of it!
lawyer: oh, that's true. We didn't find any chainsaw. We didn't find a ladder. You weren't home at the time. All that is true.
defendant: see--i didn't do it.
lawyer: But...we ran the scenario through the Explanatory Filter!
jury: Gasp!
lawyer: care to know what the EF had to say about the falling tree branch....
defendant: don't have any evidence at all about the mechanism I could have used to effect such a plan!
lawyer: Ha. This is forensic ID science, Mister. It is not my task to match your pathetic level of detail.
Judge: Guilty! Gulty! Gulty!

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