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??? Better than tissue culture

“The technique of efficient & rapid non-test tube plant cloning”(TERNPC) is a completely new system for rapid plant propagation, first invented by Professor Li Changxiao. Through a long-time practice, it has been proved to be an important breakthrough both in the tube rapid plant propagation of modern biotechnology and in the conventional seedling-breeding technique.
Compared with tissue culture and conventional ways of propagation, TERNPC is more advanced:

1) Expensive equipments needless
2) Few fields needed
3) Low cost and high benefit
4) High survival rate
5) Simple steps
6) Seedlings without mutation
7) Working at any time of the year
8) Suit for most plants
If you want to know this technique in detail, Please go to the website:
   I declare that kind of technique is so miraculous, when I found them on internet. We can research them together!
   Best regards!       cloneseedling

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