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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 09 2007,15:58   

A Catholic degree ploy?
The Tidings - Los Angeles,CA,USA
Dr. Ross happens to be a deeply committed evangelical Protestant who has a
firm religious belief in creationism, and specifically that the universe is
at ...
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Socially irresponsible
Pike County Courier - USA
Rather than lower myself to the vile level of your bloggers, I just want to
tell Mr. Bergin, who said that Creationism is folly, and Mr.
Treadwell who ...
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Gravity: The middle ground between science and religion
Drexel University The Triangle Online - Philadelphia,PA,USA
In high school, I attempted to formulate a theory mending evolution and
creationism. I failed miserably. I researched evolution tirelessly, went to
Bible ...
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