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(Permalink) Posted: June 21 2006,07:23   

IAP statement (BBC website)

I know the rest of us realise that there is something outside Kentucky but there are some who don't appear to. (Dave, GOP, I'm looking at you).


Oh and yes, I know all about argumentum ad populum, I'm not making that argument. All I am saying is that it's possible that you creationist bods are wrong. After all that's one #### of an extensive and diverse conspiracy. I bet some of them aren't even atheists!


P.S. The title refers to an old British TV add for "Whiskas" cat food: "8 out of 10 owners said their cats preferred it". Just to clarify.



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(Permalink) Posted: June 21 2006,16:35   

"Evolution. It's what's for dinner."

"And the sea will grant each man new hope..."


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